Eye Of Midas


ImpactJS Game Suite

A few brain-training games made in ImpactJS

Adrift Game Prototype

A space crafting and exploration prototype built in HTML5

Text Adventure

A pure-javascript implementation of a text-based game.

Canvas Game Engine

An HTML5 Canvas game framework/library to build games quickly (assets, scaling, animation, sound)

Asteroid Game

A quick javascript 2D physics demo


Fast rendering HTML canvas box particles

Retro Retrospective

A pure-native retrospective tool for development teams, done in a 70s style

Tavern Name Generator

A simple generator for making creative D&D themed taverns

Tribes VGS Audio Chat

HTML5 audio async loading controlled in the style of Tribes VGS


PHP5 socket text game

Mud Mapper

Browser-based editor for building out maps for MUDs

Power Control

I replicated the FTL power control system in Processing

Raver Lights

Brownian motion smoothed to bezier curves, now with fancy colors!


A simple math demo to show orbits and movement along them.


A spaceship thrust tail

Orbit physics

A quick mathy prototype that shows how orbit physics should be calculated


A set of simple fish that don't move quite right. Still tweaking the numbers...

Curving Tween

Tweening a ball on an arcing line. Press "D" for debugging lines.

Tile game

Spent an hour and prototyped the mechanics for a "pipes" style game.

Herd Immunity

Read an article and tried to replicate the visualizations