Eye Of Midas


Night and Day

A breakout battle between two colors, as defined by random contrast bot RSS feed


View of an animated vaporwave scene.


A KenneyJam attempt to make a pirate sailing game using RogueEngine.

Space Station

View of a rotating Earth from a space station, complete with calming engine noises.

Wrecking Ball

A RogueEngine demo using Rapier physics where you roll a ball around and knock over buildings.

a rendered scene of beehives and flowers, with yellow and red bee-balls flying between them

ThreeJS bee-themed Conquest/RTS

A rough prototype to experiment with RTS-style controls in a 3D environment


A js13k game entry with it's primary mechanic based on a "pipes" style game.

Multiplayer Websocket RPG

A tile-based game that uses websockets to enable multiplayer

ImpactJS Game Suite

A few brain-training games made in ImpactJS

Canvas Asteroids

A quick tutorial HTML5 Canvas game recreating Asteroids

a black console with descriptive white text, representing a text-based game in the browser

Text Adventure

A pure-javascript implementation of a text-based game.

a green three-wheel slot machine with various shape patterns on each wheel

Canvas Game Engine

An HTML5 Canvas game framework/library to build games quickly (assets, scaling, animation, sound)

Gravity Well clone

An HTML5 canvas remake of a game in the 90s


Fast rendering HTML canvas box particles

A retrospective board done in a retro 70s style, showing 4 sections: last sprint, things we did well, things we did poorly, solutions

Retro Retrospective

A pure-native retrospective tool for development teams, done in a 70s style

a wooden board with the name of a randomly generated tavern on it: Triangular Bear Pub. A Generate button is displayed below.

Tavern Name Generator

A simple generator for making creative D&D themed taverns

a white page with the instructions Just start typing! Try VGS and a list of various Tribes voice commands

Tribes VGS Audio Chat

HTML5 audio async loading controlled in the style of Tribes VGS

A gray field with a set of squiggle-connected white boxes. Each box has the name of a room: temple, street, guild. A drop-down menu shows the ability to add new rooms

Mud Mapper

Browser-based editor for building out maps for MUDs

Power Control

I replicated the FTL power control system in Processing

a black image with colorful curving lines randomly positioned

Raver Lights

Brownian motion smoothed to bezier curves, now with fancy colors!

a large green circle outline with a small red rectangle in the center. A small gray circle outline with a yellow rectangle in it's center is circling it


A simple math demo to show orbits and movement along them.

a purple vector image of a horizontal flame, like a rocket tail


A spaceship thrust tail

a large yellow circle outline with a tiny green circle outline orbiting it

Orbit physics

A quick mathy prototype that shows how orbit physics should be calculated

a blue image with multiple white wireframe fish swimming about creepily


A set of simple fish that don't move quite right. Still tweaking the numbers...

a black image with a white ball moving along a curve. The origin, tangent and end points are connected using green lines, and the linear interpolation line is drawn in red.

Curving Tween

Tweening a ball on an arcing line. Press "D" for debugging lines.

a white image with various color circles on it. Most circles are blue, but green circles are spreading out from the center

Herd Immunity

Read an article and tried to replicate the visualizations


a portrait of Midas wearing large headphones and round sunglasses. Reflected in the blue mirror sunglasses is a computer screen displaying program code.