Eye Of Midas


Portal with Baked Lighting

The capstone project of the ThreeJS Journey course

Night and Day

A breakout battle between two colors, as defined by random contrast bot RSS feed


View of an animated vaporwave scene.


A KenneyJam attempt to make a pirate sailing game using RogueEngine.

Space Station

View of a rotating Earth from a space station, complete with calming engine noises.

Wrecking Ball

A RogueEngine demo using Rapier physics where you roll a ball around and knock over buildings.

a rendered scene of beehives and flowers, with yellow and red bee-balls flying between them

ThreeJS bee-themed Conquest/RTS

A rough prototype to experiment with RTS-style controls in a 3D environment


A js13k game entry with it's primary mechanic based on a "pipes" style game.

Multiplayer Websocket RPG

A tile-based game that uses websockets to enable multiplayer

ImpactJS Game Suite

A few brain-training games made in ImpactJS

Canvas Asteroids

A quick tutorial HTML5 Canvas game recreating Asteroids

a black console with descriptive white text, representing a text-based game in the browser

Text Adventure

A pure-javascript implementation of a text-based game.

Gravity Well clone

An HTML5 canvas remake of a game in the 90s

a wooden board with the name of a randomly generated tavern on it: Triangular Bear Pub. A Generate button is displayed below.

Tavern Name Generator

A simple generator for making creative D&D themed taverns

a white page with the instructions Just start typing! Try VGS and a list of various Tribes voice commands

Tribes VGS Audio Chat

HTML5 audio async loading controlled in the style of Tribes VGS

A gray field with a set of squiggle-connected white boxes. Each box has the name of a room: temple, street, guild. A drop-down menu shows the ability to add new rooms

Mud Mapper

Browser-based editor for building out maps for MUDs


a portrait of Midas wearing large headphones and round sunglasses. Reflected in the blue mirror sunglasses is a computer screen displaying program code.